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Providing a hassle-free service, based on open communication, integrity and a strong work ethic. We work with our clients to deliver on time, on budget and beyond expectations.

Comfort and peace are crucial when you’re in your own environment. Whether it be your home, cottage or office, the interior finishings matter. They need to be carefully chosen and properly installed.

We welcome you to a whole new experience within the friendly confines of your own home, with our unwavering attention to detail, our uncanny obsession for tidiness and our endless resourcefulness.

With JAG, you’re never left in the dark. We walk you through every step of the project and answer all of your questions. We take it upon ourselves to make the entire process as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

We understand that renovations can be stressful. Like every other job, our days wouldn’t be what they are if we didn’t run into hiccups along the way. However, it’s the way we deal with these problems that separate us. For every problem, there’s a win-win solution.


Owner and operator, Jonathan Gagné has over 10 years of experience under his tool belt and holds a degree in business. After working in many different sectors of the construction industry and gaining the necessary knowledge, he found his passion for making the old and expired look new and exciting again. Starting a business in interior finishings was an easy call to make.

Among numerous things, he’s also the author of a training course for the InterNACHI Home Inspection Association. The organization itself is the largest and most renowned one of its kind worldwide. The content includes a breakdown of each component that relates to the ten systems of your home; roofing, plumbing, electrical, etc.

jag contracting painting design on wall




The most significant surface deserves to be perfectly laid out and installed. Choose from a wide selection of hardwood, engineered wood, laminated, vinyl, carpet and more. To choose your product, visit the website or book an appointment with one of our suppliers.


Be it for floors, walls, or ceilings, tiles add character to any surface. Our suppliers offer a wide variety of ceramic, marble, slate, porcelain, glass and other natural stone tiles. Enjoy the picking process as you sort the many shapes, sizes and styles.

Painting and staining

Paints and stains provide protection, colour and texture and can be applied to all sorts of surfaces; wood, concrete, brick, metal and drywall. Each surface requires a different product and a proper application technique. Our knowledgeable suppliers ensure we always used the right product for the job.
trim and doors


Doors and trim are the decorative factors that decide if a space is "modern" or "classic". With the help of our local supplier, choose from an extensive selection of custom and traditional doors and quality hardware (handles, hinges, door stops, etc.). Finally, cap the space off with the right size and style of trim.


Picking the right cabinetry is more than just colour and style. It's about designing the best possible layout and bringing it to life. Working with our suppliers, you'll design 3D plans of your future kitchen, which we'll bring to life.


Countertops are perhaps the most essential part of the kitchen. It's where we go to work and make all the magic happen. Give your work surface the love it deserves with your choice of marble, quartz, granite, concrete, stainless counters or melamine countertops.

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